Personalized Lighting Control System

A personalized wireless lighting control system based on CSRMesh network adjustable to user’s behavior and preferences.

IT Integrity Management System

IT integrity management system that continuously verifies infrastructure elements to match the security standards.

Building tour application

Tablet application with admin dashboard for real estate agents to show apartments’ gallery, features, neighborhood area and amenities to potential buyers and follow them up with the generated brochure.

IT Infrastructure Management System (QA)

QA Consulting and Software Testing Services of a custom IT Infrastructure Management System. The product is in use by Verizon, Vodafone, Bosch, and other Fortune 50 corporations.


An application aimed to generate One Time Passwords (OTP).

SENTRON Knowledge Interface

SENTRON is your private navigator in the world of modern devices by scanning barcodes and QR codes.

Universal property code

A Real Estate Data Management tool consisting of two elements: a website and a mobile application.

Vacation Rentals Guide App

Pap Vacancies is an app for people who want to get information about hotels, flats in the mountains in France.