Document Management System for Clinical Trials

A SaaS solution for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies that streamlines clinical trials management

Medical Practice and Billing Software

A medical billing and practice management system aimed to optimize healthcare-related processes.

Patient Portal with Access to Medical Exam History for Healthcare Company

The project is the fully automated Patient Portal that provides access to patients’ medical exam history. The client is a healthcare company that provides enterprises with useful software for medical and administrative procedures.

Healthcare Data Anonymization Platform

A combination of a fully functional website and a remote UNIX-server which covers users needs to manage feeds pipelines.

Measure Management and Administration System

Measure Management & Administration (MMA) is a health analytics tool for ACO administrators to build quality measures. It is seamlessly integrated with existing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software to help providers manage performance-based contracts, rapidly improve quality reporting measures and enable proactive patient care.

Trakher Period Tracking App

Trakher has been created for men to let them discretely keep track of their women monthly menstrual cycle.

Day Nurseries & Care Homes

Day Nurseries is focusing on all UK registered day nurseries, nursery schools, care homes, nursing homes, hospitals, hospices and the major care associations.

Body Tan Scan

Body Tan Scan helps users to make a picture of their skin, publish it online via Social Networks and have references.

Workout Plan Generator

The web’s leading exercise program generator with the ability to easily track client progress and to customize programs.