eNerd.me Online Education Platform

eNerd.me is an online tutoring marketplace where students and coaches could match to each other, use video chat and utilize broad tool set to understand each other better.

Website Translation Platform for Global Localization Provider

OneLink is the advanced cloud-based website localization solution aiming to facilitate translators’ work and reduce IT involvement in the website localization process.

Automated Testing of Online Website Translation Platform

Elinext Ongoing QA & Testing of Award-winning Website Localization Software.

Training Solution for Fire Departments

The solution for fire brigades helping to plan and execute their training efficiently while adhering to legal objectives and cantonal guidelines.

EdQuants. Education Software

A web portal that automates the process of working with documents and analyzes teaching effectiveness at schools.

Xgrades e-Learning Platform

Web-based e-Learning service for watching tutorial videos, passing thematic quizzes and gain assessments afterwards.

IT Integrity Management System

IT integrity management system that continuously verifies infrastructure elements to match the security standards.

LingJob App for Freelancers

LingJob allows to create technical texts, articles on different subjects, as well as translations from any language.

Rescue Game Web

Rescue Game simulates evacuation of people from the dangerous floor as soon as possible.

Rescue Game Mobile

The game simulates evacuation: you have a floor plan of an office and let people evacuate the floor.