Payment Kiosk for Global Parking Provider

The next-generation parking payment kiosk on the embedded Android operating system with a 10″ touchscreen.

Online Used Cars Auction Platform

A web platform featuring regular auto auctions and post-auction order processing for B2B clients.

Dashboard Car App

The application is designed for users who have Parrot Minikit Neo car kit to access the device settings in a user-friendly mode.

Car Insurance Auction Platform

The project is a web platform for auctions that connects insurance providers with their potential clients and allow these clients to get the most lucrative offer in terms of price and conditions.

Car Audio System Environment

The development of an environment for the system, including core system applications and the redesign of 3rd party applications to catch up with the new environment needs.

IT Integrity Management System

IT integrity management system that continuously verifies infrastructure elements to match the security standards.

IT Infrastructure Management System (QA)

QA Consulting and Software Testing Services of a custom IT Infrastructure Management System. The product is in use by Verizon, Vodafone, Bosch, and other Fortune 50 corporations.

SENTRON Knowledge Interface

SENTRON is your private navigator in the world of modern devices by scanning barcodes and QR codes.

Green Modeling

Green Modeling apps are designed to help users reduce the harmful effects on the environment.