Manufacturing industry is one of the domains we are focused on since the beginning of our software development company back in 1997. Manufacturers are able to leverage the potential of custom software solutions in order to maximize efficiency and gain a competitive advantage.

With our agile approach, we help businesses pace up their operations in accordance with changing market metrics. Elinext engineering teams work on solutions that cater the needs of a manufacturer, from production chains to data analysis to logistics operations.

Elinext proves with its experience and expertise that the software we present to our clients serves to the improvement of all the manufacturing processes and production components and satisfies all the demands and requirements.

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Explore Our Expertise

We build custom software solutions for manufacturing organizations for over two decades to date. We create enterprise applications that enhance and  improve the operational agility of industrial companies. Elinext software engineers are also experts in application integration services for enterprises. 

The scope of industrial involvement of Elinext software is quite wide. To see how our engineers deliver multiple applications for various industrial projects, visit our predictive maintenance and smart manufacturing web pages.

The benefits of predictive maintenance are dependent on the industry or even the specific processes that it is applied to but applicable to near every manufacturing company out there. 

If you are interested in maximizing equipment runtime and minimizing system-wide downtimes – it’s a good investment to order a custom predictive maintenance software solution from Elinext.

Smart manufacturing solutions that utilize big data analytics to refine and manage supply chains require a high level of communication and collaboration across departments, which is easy to get with the help of Elinext custom products.

Tap Into Manufacturing Software Development Services by Elinext

Whether you want to automate your business processes with the help of a software solution, make an integration of Internet of Things devices and analyse the information provided by these sensors, or provide the maintenance to your industrial equipment with the help of high-quality software – we are here to help.

New Custom Manufacturing Software Development 

Elinext is keen on software engineering for manufaсturing enterprises. We work on application development, porting our solutions to the lane of production. Optimizing your workflows with the help of our solutions is a no-brainer.

Integration into Manufacturing Software Solutions

Elinext works extensively and possesses huge experience in integrating third-party API into manufacturing solutions. System integration into our data mining, data modeling and reporting software is a pain-free way to fill the manufacturing software solution with additional services.

Manufacturing Solutions Enhancement

We also work on delivering additional features to already existing solutions. If you feel like your current industrial software lacks a certain functionality, don’t hesitate to contact us and receive a quote on getting additional features to it.

QA to Manufacturing Projects

Elinext provides extensive comprehensive testing to all of our solutions, both manual and automated. For a full list of our QA services, you can visit the corresponding page at our website: production, performance, regression and other types of testing are presented there in full.

Build Manufacturing Solutions that Improve the Performance of Your Company

Elinext developers are ready to provide different types of software for the industrial clients. Among the covered domains are the following ones:

Internet of Things

Elinext develops software that enables machine-to-machine communication and collecting data during the manufacturing process. Sensors collect valuable data, which can later be processed. Dashboards developed by our engineers allow correcting maintenance schedules, extend manufacturing lane lives, and improve customer satisfaction. Manufacturers also can conserve energy, reduce costs, eliminate machine downtime and increase operational efficiency thanks to timely alerts. 

Cloud Manufacturing Solutions

Cloud Manufacturing allows sharing manufacturing capabilities and resources on a cloud platform. The adoption of IoT everywhere in manufacturing processes has encouraged manufacturers to move to cloud-based management platforms. Cloud solutions requests flow becomes bigger as days go 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Software

In the manufacturing setting, data analytics and machine learning software have been extensively applied in various areas, such as quality management, predictive and preventive maintenance, fault diagnosis and prognosis, decision-making, sequencing and production scheduling.

Big Data Processing Solutions

Within smart enterprises, data is generated by lots of devices and represents a constant flow within itself. Manufacturers are in need of technology that allows the analysis of this data to make timely adjustments. Processing high-dimensional data, reducing the complexity of data, adapting to new processes and environments, identifying relations, correlations, and causality is easier with data solutions by Elinext.

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

ERP systems developed by Elinext serve as a centralized system that supplies the data to external (peripheral) systems within manufacturing enterprises. This is a great tool for automation and centralization of the processes across departments, such as product distribution, or financial management.

Elinext Certification and Security of Software

Elinext possesses and constantly confirms both ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications led by PECB. 

Our software meets the substantial criteria for these standards. Elinext demonstrates its commitment to information security of clients’ sensitive data and the ability to deliver high-quality services by bringing out improvements to products and company’s internal processes.