The Pros of Predictive Analytics in Modern Manufacturing

2018-10-16 by Dmitri Koteshov

The concept of the Internet of Things provided the industrial world with a lot of new opportunities, including organized and continuous data collection from sensors and other devices at facilities. As of today, organizations can collect massive amounts of data on business processes in real time. Besides, thanks to cloud...

The Use of Old ERPs vs. Digital Transformation of Your Business

2018-10-10 by Dmitri Koteshov

In our previous article, we have covered the list of benefits an ERP solution brings to your business. However, it’s not about the solution itself, it’s about the way you use it. The same rule applies to the ERP system as well: do you really think that having installed a...

Product Lifecycle Management Solutions: Overview

2018-10-03 by Dmitri Koteshov

Over the past few years, the term PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) has firmly taken its place in the computerization of industrial manufacturing. It’s fair to say that nowadays PLM is experiencing a real popularity boom in this sphere. Although the abbreviation may seem a bit complex, there’s a clear definition...

Industrial Cybersecurity: Why So Vulnerable?

2018-10-01 by Dmitri Koteshov

As of today, cyber-attacks at industrial facilities have become more target oriented leading to the loss of finance, both product and equipment collapse, compromised safety and - consequently -  it ends with a damaged reputation for a business. This way, it’s fair to conclude that cybersecurity should be considered as...

How to Implement an ERP Solution Like a Pro

2018-09-19 by Dmitri Koteshov

Nowadays, Industry 4.0 brings disruptive changes to the production and logistics industries as a result of a growing spread of the Internet of Things and cyber-physical systems.The notion itself includes such innovations as intelligent products and processes, a new-generation integration in the supply chain, and the variety of digital technologies...