Information technologies are an integral part of the global economy. Today, you hardly imagine any major business without IT products. In the digital era, those who do invest in information technologies become a success at the market.

Global industries have felt difference when it comes to sales growth, increased competitiveness and market share. Thus, for the last two decades, major world industries have gained more value due to easy accessibility and the wide range of IT products available. Now accurate data, deep analysis, real time business monitoring, better customer satisfaction as well as planning business scalability are the cornerstones of business awareness.

It all goes without saying that information technologies industry is knowledge-based.

In this regard, choosing Elinext means getting into the right hands. Our 19-year-old expertise in information technologies serves a solid foundation of your business prosperity.

What makes us outstand, you ask. Deep awareness of our clients’ challenges, we answer. At Elinext, IT specialists know how to align information technologies with your specific business needs, and build in scalability into IT products to ensure your business flexibility at the changing market.

Information technology services from Elinext provide you great tools to solve a wide range of complex problems:

  • decision making
  • marketing
  • customer support
  • faster time to market
  • cost efficiency.

What IT services does Elinext render in particular?

  • Custom application development. Elinext guarantees scalable apps that addressever-evolving business needs, mitigate your risks and entail high ROI.
  • Database design and development.You’ll enjoy well-structured solid databases with user-friendly interfaces owing to our ability to combine strategic vision with your strategic data.
  • Systems architecture and integration.At Elinext, we develop robust tools to integrate multiple IT systems and maximize the efficiency of the work of different departments.
  • Testing and quality assurance. We verify that your software operates according to requirement specifications. Consequently, you deploy only IT products your customers trust.
  • Operational support and maintenance.Elinext guarantees you comprehensive customer care services in the context of your business. We take care of your software while you do business.
  • Performance management.Performance management services from Elinext make our clients feel difference because we proactively streamline system performance bringing greater productivity and ROI.
  • Software outsourcing. Elinext can accompany you in any challenge, or task you’ve got as a trustworthy partner and ensure high-quality IT assistance.

What qualities does your business gain owing to IT products from Elinext?

  • Transparency
  • Operational efficiency
  • Increased sales
  • Better customer loyalty
  • Saved costs

Legendary marketing campaign via Youtube and Twitter - Mercedes #Youdrive

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Are you a nomophobe, can`t you live a second without your smartphone? If yes, then, you as millions of other people represent a brand new target audience who easily fall under the spell of various marketing campaigns through promo websites, mobile apps and social media projects. Therefore, web development companies play here a great role creating splendid promo website that will lighten your product in the best possible light and make your Target Audience die of anticipation feeling.Having clear understanding of what the target audience of gadget-dependent generation falls for, companies...

12 Tips for Efficient Software Testing

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If you are a tester, please spend a little time to read these software testing good practices for software outsourcing companies. I think it will help you do your job better. Read all points and try to implement them in your day-to-day testing activities. It will help you avoid making mistakes while testing.Here are some of the best testing practices I learned from experience:1) Have a good test plan. A plan should be written by a good and experienced tester (maybe QA leader). A good test plan must encompass all areas of the testing product and consider budgets, activity definition, scope planning, schedule testing, risk identification, staff acquisition, procurement planning...

Why UI and UX Are Key for Successful Web Applications

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Technology has become more complex. But it’s often the design that matters—and matters greatly, since it is ultimately linked to profit gains. In a fast-paced and constantly evolving environment, every pixel should earn its keep. Accuracy, speed and flexibility are imperative for a successful web application.Web apps are dynamic, interactive systems that help perform business-critical tasks and increase productivity. Millions of web applications are being used every day. Many of them, however, often don’t meet the needs of either businesses or users, and thus contribute to a loss of profit...

Test Driven Development: Best Practices and Benefits of Using Unit Testing on Real Life Projects

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IntroductionThere are a lot of software development methodologies. The most popular approaches of the present day are Iterative and Agile. But there are also techniques that are rarely used in their entirety but developers make use of some of the advantages from them in the development process. I think the most well know is Test Driven Development (TDD in what follows).Testing is a necessary step during the software development. Test teams test user interfaces, business logic of the application, they even can test some parts of the API, using test...

Windows 8 Leads to Software Development Integrating Desktop, Web, Mobile, and Tablets

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The very first version of Windows was released in November, 1985. Hence, the operating system from Microsoft has become the unequivocal leader and has been retaining this position for more than two decades. However, with the rapid development of mobile technologies and vast distribution of wireless devices, Windows came up to the moment when it could give ground. Notwithstanding convenient user interface and habitual menu, the system couldn't respond to the needs and requirements of finger-friendly portable devices. So appeared the decision to follow new tendencies and completely change the...

Using PJSIP Library in Server and Client Applications

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IntroductionDuring the investigation process our team decided to choose .NET C# as the main development platform. The next step was to choose the way to implement the SIP protocol. Of course, there were several variants (with different financial and time efforts). Among them we could distinguish three main categories:1. Full custom implementation of SIP2. Commercial SIP library3. GNU open sourceEach of these ways has positive and negative sides. Let’s discuss them in detail.1. Custom implementation allows us to avoid any licensing problems and sell shareware products without any code sharing....

Introduction into SIP Telephony. Comparison of Libraries for SIP VOIP Development

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SIP technology overviewThe Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an IETF-defined signaling protocol widely used for controlling communication sessions such as voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP).This protocol can be used for creating, modifying and terminating two-party (unicast) or multiparty (multicast) sessions. Sessions may consist of one or several media streams. Other SIP applications include video conferencing, streaming multimedia distribution, instant messaging, presence information, file transfer and online games.The SIP protocol is an Application Layer protocol designed to be independent of the underlying Transport Layer. It can run on...

12 essential points in software product development

2014-03-06 by Marina Astapchik

Nowadays software technologies are used in practically any kind of company or organization all over the world. In the article it will be described the complete process of creating and modifying various software systems, from initial design concept to post-release maintenance and support.1. Requirement analysis and planning is the first step that helps the customer understand and define technical and business needs. This point starts with market assessment that allows scan the software production of competitors and find out whether the future software solution is strongly needed or has already...

How to Build a Great Software Product

2014-03-06 by Marina Astapchik

Everything starts with an Idea. It’s the ideas that push us forward and give way to our potential and talent. Good ideas can change the world around us or at least give a start to an outstanding software product. But the question is “Where can we draw our inspiration from to come up with the IDEA?†Moreover, the Idea has to be urgent and in demand later on. First of all, a moment should be taken to look around and to give some thought to what needs to be changed,...

What services does Elinext provide under the domain of information technologies?

Having 19-year-old expertise, Elinext provides cutting edge IT services, i.e. everything from computer system to design, implementation of apps and systems as well as their testing, operational support and maintenance.

Could we get stories of your IT projects?

Please, view our projects here. The main principle of information technologies services we follow is what is good for our customers is good for us. Elinext’s team of professional software developers, project managers and quality assurance engineers help our clients to gain their status-quo of being a step forward at the market owing to their own top-notch IT products running in-house.

What does the area of custom app development from Elinext include?

At Elinext, developers offer customized app solutions to cover all the functional gaps of your company. Besides, we provide app management and upgrade services for maximum control and efficiency.

Why is it so important to choose right tools for systems integration?

Today, most companies have multiple IT systems. Their wrong integration and bad compatibility may result in decreased productivity and loss of customers. Elinext offers high-quality system integration services that transform your multiple IT products into one streamlined body.

What value does effective performance management add to my business?

Unless your software performance is managed effectively, you can’t get maximized ROI (return on investment). Only when optimized, software performance works for your business with maximum results. Otherwise, your software costs will never pay for themselves.