Elinext CRM is an ASP.NET application which helps sales departments to track incoming requests and customers, work with invoices and get complete statistics about the performance of a sales department. Elinext CRM aims to save and automate all the procedures of working with requests, invoices and customers.

Tailor-made CRM functionality allows our clients to stay ahead with more deals, quicker profit and better customer engagement as well as come up with the right strategy for the company’s development.

The eliCRM software is an all-in-one-type centralized system that effectively manages, collects and directs customer data, sales processes and marketing activities of a company, as well as improves customer experience.

With eliCRM customized for your business needs, it is easier to:

  • guide your sales department, track instantly all its activity: every invoice, deal, and new customer and take decisions from wherever you are;
  • compile and store all the interaction and history of contacts, sales activity, payment materials into single data source;
  • go mobile with eliCRM mobile application;
  • integrate data from website, email and phones into single source.

Try eliCRM Demo version to get access to the primary functionality.


Our best guide is a customer who decides on functionality volume of CRM software and sets the business logic and unique software requirements for our developers. CRM development process is extremely secure: a customer can control all the development activities and get daily reports on their volume and content.

Ready eliCRM modules accelerate and simplify custom development process. We can simply customize our modules to your needs add support them with new modules that reflect your unique business processes. custom eliCRM is not overwhelmed with bloated capabilities.

eliCRM equipped with ready modules:

Client Database Management accelerates all the customer information;

Order Processing Functionality retains data about all requests from website, email, tenders and proposals;

Invoice Creation Module allows instantly create and generate any invoice into pdf document;

Report Analyzing Function provides you with current analysis of business activity.

Use eliCRM Demo version to test the existing modules.