Advanced Insurance CRM system

Type: Web development

Requirements: The customer wanted Elinext’s dedicated team of IT engineers to develop an advanced CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. It had to be able to import financial data (customers’ transactions, daily prices, CUSIPs, etc.) and use them for calculation of customers’ account balances, bank commissions, etc. It was also expected to allow completing document form for a customer online (web interviews), store them in the database with the ability to modify some data and generate a complete PDF document. Further, the system was required to have a set of web services and communicate with third-party services to import created customer transactions by agents in the system to some external global systems, and allow third-party software to get some information from it.

Challenge: The most complex issue was to provide quick processing for a huge number of raw data (transactions, calculation of commissions, generation of reports, etc.) and to depict them in a user-friendly mode “on-the-fly”.

Solution: Our developers found an original and effective solution: to make data undergo preprocessing in the night time. Optimized, the data is then made available to users for quick use in the daytime.

Results: The outcome of the project is a robust SaaS platform that can help financial institutions serve the investment needs of their clients. It has enhanced visibility, supplying users with the most up-to-date tools and options: advanced CRM integrated with client investment data, synchronization with MS Outlook and PDAs, referral tracking, online brokerage and banking tools.




Region: Worldwide

Industry: Financial Services

Type: Web

Engagement model: Dedicated team

Duration: 3 years

Staff: 7 developers, 1 tester

Platforms: SaaS