Masternodes Investment Web Platform
Masternodes Investment Web Platform
Financial Services and Banking
Engagement model:
Time & Material
9 months
4 developers
Technologies used

Elinext was contacted by a German cryptocurrency startup with a business challenge to build a platform that would allow users to invest their funds into a pool of Masternodes.

Basically, this was a platform that would allow investing any amount a user would choose to the Masternodes, a marketing website that explains the general idea about Masternodes, and the admin panel to control the investments made by users.


  • The platform had to be a scalable solution that would allow big numbers of users to invest in different series of Masternodes
  • The solution had to have different kinds of integrations, including payment API, customer’s blockchain API
  • The automatization of transactions of small amounts which helps to minimize transaction fees had to be enabled


The core part of the software delivery was the Investment Platform. It was realized as a full-featured web app that allowed making crypto-investments and distributes the earnings. The end-users with access to dashboards of investment platforms are able to invest in cryptocurrencies using BTCPay Server. The function of direct cryptocurrency investments is also available.

The platform supports a referral system that allows inviting new members. The activity is awarded by bonuses.

The investment earning can be stored internally, reinvested, or paid out to the users’ private e-wallets.

Charts and dashboards are available for the visualization of investments. That way investors could track their financial data information in a proper manner.

The solution for the users also includes a promotional website that introduces the company, explains how Masternodes pools function, supports the referral program. The ROI calculator is integrated into the website alongside sign-in/sign-up and contact forms.

Obviously, the other user type for realization was Admin. Administration Panel for this user type allows tracking investment activities that users make in investment platform, manage the list of crypto-coins available for investments, control internal transfers, overview the investment amounts, and view investments statistics. User management options are available alongside the support chat that allows supporting messages


Team of Elinext developers created a software solution that allows making cryptocurrency investments and keeps track of them via dashboards and simple charts. 

The most difficult win realization were the ones for the administration panel: cryptocurrency transactions queues and their combination. Another feature that we’d like to highlight was the one for the investors: to automatically combine small transactions requested by users and internal mechanisms to lower transaction fees.

We’d like to mention the fact that the source code can be also utilized for a web platform that is not related to the blockchain (possibly, a more traditional investment platform - for fiat money investments ), but supports all the requirements needed for the blockchain technology and Masternodes investments in particular.

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