IT Infrastructure Management System (QA)


For more than 40 years, this American corporation has been delivering enterprise management software and solutions to help businesses deploy, monitor and secure their applications and infrastructures. The company boasts $4.4 billion in annual revenues and over 11,000 employees on board.

Context and Challenge

Over 12 years ago, the customer turned to Elinext to perform ongoing testing of their product, which is a multi-module system for real-time collection and management of KPIs across an IT infrastructure. The software is designed to help enterprises such as Bosch, Verizon, Volkswagen and alike to predict and prevent performance issues before they affect critical business processes.

Elinext was challenged to test the system’s ability to collect and monitor heterogeneous data sets across a range of multi-vendor network hardware and software, including:

–  Voice infrastructures from Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, etc.
–  Virtual systems like Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, etc.
–  Physical systems
–  Databases like Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, etc.
–  Client/server applications and APIs

Elinext was to perform testing of the entire product comprising up to 30 integrated modules.



Elinext built a team which has been flexibly scaling up and down to keep up with the customer’s changing needs, with as many as 45 QA and testing experts at peak.

Throughout the project, the team has been constantly analyzing the customer’s delivery processes, requirements, infrastructure and product to come up with an optimal strategy for consistent integration of both manual and automated testing into the software development process.

Elinext’s expertise helped to build an effective automation infrastructure, which enabled the customer to cut the costs of developing and maintaining test automation, as well as to expand the testing coverage by 340%.

Type of testing

Elinext built a team of QA and testing specialists that would set out for continuous verification and validation of the product in the following areas:

–  Functional UI/UX
–  Cross-browser
–  Load
–  Stress
–  Penetration
–  High availability
–  Installability

–  Integration
–  Compatibility
–  Internationalization
–  Reliability and availability
–  Backup and recovery
–  Compliance
–  Data-driven

Testing activities

Elinext’s dedicated team has been providing all-round testing services, which, among others, include:

–  Analysis of business processes, requirements and specifications
–  System analysis
–  Development of testing strategies
–  Test automation and execution
–  Reporting on the testing progress, defects and product quality


Elinext kicked off under the Scrum methodology and then switched to Kanban, being able to stay in line and enhance the customer’s product strategy. The team has ensured smooth communication on a daily basis.


For over 12 years, Elinext’s QA and testing team has been instrumental in helping the customer to shorten the time-to-market and improve the quality of their product – a complex system for managing IT infrastructures.

Despite a wealth of multi-vendor hardware and software encompassed by the system, the team has been delivering testing reports according to the tight release schedule. As a result, the customer increased the product quality by 86% and the testing coverage by 340%.

Satisfied with the results of this long-term cooperation, the customer commissioned Elinext to perform ongoing testing of other products.


Region: Worldwide

Industry: IT

Type: Web

Engagement model: Dedicated Team

Duration: 10 Years (Ongoing)

Staff: 45 Test Analysts (including Manual Test Engineers, Automation Test Engineers and UAT Test Engineers)




We have enjoyed a consistently productive partnership with Elinext for more than 10 years. They have proven to be very competitive in all the important dimensions, such as: quality and skill level of staff and management, productivity, professionalism, collaboration, flexibility, low turn-over, and cost.

Peter Clairmont
SVP Software Engineering, CA Technologies