Wonder Columns

Type: Mobile development

Requirements: Eligraphics created the concept for the mobile game. The company wanted the Elinext Group team to develop a simple game that would entertain users for short periods of time. The game must have bright graphics, gameplay must be easy enough to include children as potential users. The game must apply the following requirements, which were specified by the game designer:

– User must be able to share his scores (GameCenter on IOS, Open Feint on Android)
– Game must have its own custom font with multi-language support
– Game must have integrated banner systems (adWhirl, iAd, adMob, etc.)

Challenge: The main challenge for our developer was to implement support for the multi-language requirement. The developer faced the following difficulties:

  • how to create 2D labels without using any pictures;

Solution: To solve this task our designer had to investigate lots of different applications. He found one application, called Hiero, generated an atlas of needed symbols. Then with the help of a Photoshop designer produced many images for use as symbols, and for the fonts, all of which were delivered to the developer.

Results: The development project outcome is a game for the iPhone and the Android, as well as for Android tablets.

The application has the following functionality:

Main screen:

  • New Game
  • Resume
  • Options
  • High scores
  • Help

New Games:

  • Start new game with timer set to 0


  • Settings of the game

High scores:

  • List of personal scores


  • Instructions on how to play the game




Region: Europe

Industry: Media and Entertainment

Type: Mobile

Engagement model: Fixed cost

Duration: 4 weeks

Staff: 1 developer, 1 designer

Platforms: Unity