Voice Control App

Type: Mobile development

Requirements: The customer wanted Elinext Group to develop a mobile application for Android phones and the iPhone that will provide users with the possibility to communicate with hands free car kit using Bluetooth connection of their phones. (for more information about Minikit Neo, please go here).
It was decided to assign one developer per platform.

Challenge: The first challenge for our developers was to implement the tool for controlling the Bluetooth headset profile events and functionality. On Android devices the application should connect rfccom socket only if connection via headset profile is established. The second challenge was to avoid all the issues with connection via rfccomsocket. The issues were caused by sdp lookup process.

Solution: This information is under NDA.

Results: The outcome of the development project is an application for the iPhone (supports iOS 4.0 and higher) and Android phones (2.1 and higher).The main part of the application’s functionality is based on communication with Minikit Neo via Bluetooth. The app has the following functionality:

  • Find my car. The application remembers location of Minikit Neo and shows it to the user on the map. Elinext Group’s developers added a possibility to share coordinates with other users.
  • Parking timer. The application will alarm when the parking time expires.
  • Driving time reminder. The application alarms every preset time cell when the user is driving.
  • Voice recognition. The user can choose which device should recognize voice commands.
  • Dual mode. The user can enable/disable the possibility to connect 2 phones to Minikit Neo at the same time.
  • Auto reply SMS (for Android devices only). When the user rejects calls, the application sends an SMS message with the text predefined by the user.
  • Customize jingle. The user can record custom turn on/off sounds.
  • Neo information. Users will see here all the information about Minikit Neo. They can also look here for firmware updates.
  • Help pairing. The user can get information about the pairing process.




Region: Worldwide

Industry: Entertainment

Type: Mobile

Engagement model: Fixed cost

Duration: 2 months

Staff: 2 developers, 1 designer

Platforms: iOS (iPhone), Android


The Parrot team is very proud of Elinext’s development, validation, design and management teams for their involvement and willpower to carry out the projects that Parrot entrusts to them. Let’s keep up the good work in 2013 with more exciting, attractive and innovative projects!

Guillaume Pinto
CTO & Program Manager, Parrot