Tórshavn Travel Guide App
Tórshavn Travel Guide App
Torshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands
Engagement model:
Fixed cost
1.5 months
1 designer
Technologies used
iPhone SDK

Requirements: The customer wants a tour guide about Torshavn, capital city of Faroe Islands. The application must provide all necessary information to the city visitors about city transportation and entertainment.

Challenge: The most complex issue is to synchronize the geolocation functionality of the application. The public bus timetable and itinerary data is stored at the customer’s server. When this data loads to the user’s mobile device, it must give a clear impression about the bus traffic about the city with the location list of all stops.

Solution: Largely owing to the profound experience in geolocation-enabled applications, the team of developers manages to design and develop the solution in a short while with maximum effectiveness. The team lead suggests that the customer’s service should provide the coordinates, latitude and longitude, of the bus stops. Based on the coordinates, the developers manage to map the exact routes of the buses.

Results: The team of developers delivers a finished application that at the moment can be downloaded from the iTunes app store. The application is a true asset for all the city guests and visitors. It includes not only the map of the city with a bus timetables and itineraries, but also enables its users to find their way in the city, while recommending shows, parties, stores, restaurants and other places of interests and events that are worth attending. Besides that, the application also includes a vast variety of other useful information, including a currency converter.

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