Texts In Private Space (TIPS)
Texts In Private Space (TIPS)
Media and Entertainment
Engagement model:
Fixed cost
4 months
2 developers
Technologies used
Android Framework 2.1
MMS protocol version 1.2


A team of Elinext developers was to develop an application for SMS and MMS messaging. The unique features of the application were to provide access to the SMS and MMS database after the password authentication in one of three games, which are also part of the application. This is made to warrant that only those users, who a message was intended for, could read it. One of the client's requirements was to develop the messenger user interface as close to the standard Android messenger as possible.


The main challenge encountered during the development was to deal with different MMS formats that are used by different service providers. Elinext development team had to create all variants of the code from scratch. Besides that, we needed to solve the following task – when new SMS and MMS appear in the application database, the icon of the application on the desktop had to change in order to let the user know that a new message has arrived.


To solve the first task our developers had to study lots of pages of information before actually starting to develop the code. New message alerts are rendered through widgets that reload icons.


The development project outcome is an application for the Android mobile platform, available for download at Android app market. Structurally, the application can be divided into two parts:

1) Three games:

  • Calculator
  • Lotto
  • Percentage calculator

2) SMS and MMS messenger Access to the message database is granted only with password authentication in the relevant field of every game. The password is determined by the user. If the user ever forgets his or her password, it can be sent to him or her via email. Besides that, users can apply filters to determine what kinds of messages get delivered to the standard messenger, and which messages get delivered to TIPS. All messages are grouped into an easy-to-use way specifically for every contact.

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