Payment processing solution for restaurants

Business challenges:

Our customer is a European startup in the field of payments for cafes and restaurants. Its solution represents a special tablet with a built-in system for accepting payments via credit cards, a corresponding application for this tablet, and an administration system for the venue itself (or their network) to manage this whole system.

The project has offered a number of serious challenges for our development team. First of all, its hardware part – the tablet with a cardholder – is a non-typical device with technological peculiarities. To function properly, the tablet should work in a kiosk mode only. Our engineers had to start by blocking the possibility of exiting this application, launching the system and running any third-party applications on the tablet.

Finally, as the solution needs to be certified to accept payments, additional security measures had to be taken in the process of creating the application.

Our solution

The team of Elinext has developed the following components of the solution.

The application for the Android tablet:

  • menu categories, food catalog, and prices;
  • meal descriptions;
  • the shopping cart for ordering dishes;
  • the possibility to combine several dishes;
  • account management and the separate payment mode for several persons;
  • a credit card payment option;
  • feedback tabs;
  • a series of other specific features that were significant for the client

The web admin panel:

  • cafe network management (creation and editing);
  • the menu, dishes, prices, and descriptions management;
  • multilingual support;
  • statistics;

Specific features

Due to the specific nature of the hardware, which includes an SDK for the card reader, some non-trivial measures had to be taken in the process of development.

Business benefits

The outcome of the project is a fully functional complex of several Android and web applications that meet all customer requirements. As for the users’ part, the solution helps cafe visitors to get an automated application for viewing and ordering food in a convenient and secure manner.


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Region: Worldwide

Industry: Restaurants

Type: Mobile

Engagement model: fixed cost/time and material

Duration: 1 year

Staff: 4 persons

Platforms: Android