How Cutting-Edge Tech Reinvents Healthcare: Four Tangible Business Benefits

It’s no new that digital technology is revamping the healthcare industry. Artificial intelligence, telehealth solutions, and VR technology are not a hyped-up topic anymore, but a real value driver. And hospitals around the world are teaming up with experienced healthcare software developers to reach the new heights of success in care delivery. Medical Workflow Optimization … Continued

How 5G Can Connect a Post-COVID Healthcare Ecosystem: Part One

5G promises to provide essential levels of connectivity to enable a new health ecosystem, one that can meet patient and provider needs accurately, efficiently, conveniently, cost-effectively, and at a substantial scale. However to realize the full potential of 5G networks in healthcare settings, network security, and data privacy are paramount. The transformation and improvement of … Continued

Healthcare technologies preventing hospital malpractice & negligence. Perspectives and reality

People would like to be sure that a hospital will provide medical help of the highest quality if something happens to their health. Every person deserves an accurate diagnosis and correct treatment. Unfortunately, cases of medical negligence still occur and can be even fatal for patients. Hospitals often take the blame because they are responsible … Continued

Why We Can’t Stop Writing on Virtual Health… Now, More than Ever!

Our blog contains dozens of articles about healthcare innovations. The topics vary vastly: we try to cover a little bit of everything: from Medical VR applications and future to top IT healthcare conferences announcements (some of which turned out as not-to-be ones) to… well, virtual care observations on the markets we cover. Some might ask, … Continued

Healthcare Digital Transformation Trends in 2020

Digital transformation revolutionizes the healthcare industry, improves patient engagement, automates near-treatment processes, and enables remote consultation to influence life expectancy. Let’s take a look at the key technology trends in digital healthcare transformation. Wearables & Internet of Medical Things Wearable devices are perhaps a major trend and digital innovation in healthcare today. According to Juniper Research, spendings in wearable healthcare … Continued

Changes in Big Data Trends Due to COVID-19

As the digital landscape continues to expand at a mind-boggling pace, the amount of data stored and used by enterprises also increases. Over the course of recent years, the accumulation of big data within organizations has slowly but surely, established itself as a staple within companies, particularly as far as generating data-driven insights and upholding … Continued

How to Enter the Productivity Apps Market

Long before COVID-19 times, productivity apps were trending. They are even more of relevance after the shift the coronavirus has brought to our lives, both personal and professional ones. Back in the summer of last year, GlobeNewswire stated that the productivity software market was expected to grow by 16.5% to reach $96 billion by 2025. … Continued

Digital transformation in Healthcare

Digital transformation Digital technologies transform the healthcare industry, create new pools of profits, and provide virtual connection between patients and doctors. Digital initiatives for healthcare improve environmental sustainability, create new jobs, and make our lives safer. In addition, as new generations are raised as “digital natives,” they can also envision how artificial intelligence, mobility, and … Continued

Bringing Digital Transformation to Education: 5 Major Trends of 2020

We continue to explore the so-called “disruptive force” and “the next word” in modern education – its digital transformation. To go on with the topic, we decided to dive into the trends – most discussed and impactful technologies and approaches to education that can be claimed as a part of digital transformation. Technologies that are described in this blog … Continued

Mobile Applications for Telecom Companies

Customer preferences change very quickly across many industries. Service providers should find the easiest but effective ways to deliver a cutting-edge experience to consumers. According to some reports, 80% of internet traffic comes from TV and video. In the article, we’ll look at how mobile telecom software solutions can transform the telecommunication industry, reduce its costs, collect valuable user … Continued