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SUCCESSplaner Case Study

Success Planner Case Study - Mobile App Development

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Customer: Team SoftWare OHG, Italy

Project: SUCCESSplaner

Type: mobile development

Requirements: The customer wanted Elinext Group to develop a mobile app for the iPad which can provide the user with a highly effective time and goal management instrument having intuitive operation and attractive design.

Challenge: The main challenge for developers was to synchronize the phone calendar with the default calendar of the iPad. Another task consisted in creating an individual animated application calendar and a mechanism of temporary distribution of tasks.

Solution: A team of developers made a deep analysis of how to do a temporary pool of tasks from each calendar from phone/outlook. After that, the team created an algorithm intended for synchronization of all tasks/events.

Results: The development project outcome is an application for the iPad. The application allows setting efficient life goals and achieving them. SUCCESSplaner has the following functionality:
  • In the dream album of the image gallery you hold the key events set in your life so that you can follow them.
  • In the ideas journal and the project journal you can record your ideas and projects and monitor their execution.
  • The weekly schedule will serve for planning and evaluating your weekly tasks coupled with the dates on the calendar.
  • In the annual plan you can determine the areas of health, relationships, finances, emotions, job/life values, and set the A, B and C targets for them.
  • The appointments will be managed in the calendar and can be processed and maintained in the app. The monthly and yearly calendars give you a good and quick overview of the most important tasks, and the current motto of the weekly focus.
  • The compass will help you describe and monitor your beliefs, values, mission statements.
  • Planning and monitoring of short-term, medium-and long-term goals. Keep a record of your results and successes.

Region: Whole world.

Industry: Education.

Engagement model: Fixed price model.

Technologies: Objective C, iPhone SDK.

Duration: 4 months.

Staff: 2 developers, 1 designer.

Platforms: iOS (iPad).

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