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Elinext Group Has Developed a New Mobile Application for iOS “Dine”



Elinext Group mobile development department goes ahead ensuring the delivery of high-performance mobile applications for Hoople SAS and releasing next generation solutions that are supposed to be a breakthrough innovation in every piece. 

Elinext Group has successfully completed a recent project “Dine” for Hoople SAS, having implemented the conception of a mobile application for iPhone able to track records of the menus users cook for their friends, as well as the menus they get when sent by friends.

Elinext Group, software development and IT consulting company, is thrilled to present a mobile application designed to keep a culinary diary, store menus, share pictures of meals and invite guests. The major task was to develop an intuitive and efficient mobile application so that users could compose their meals, record menus based on photos of dishes, and share pictures with friends on their Facebook page and on the Dine Facebook page.

During the application development Elinext Group had to encounter several obstacles on the way of making “Dine” a perfect fit for modern users. O...

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Elinext Group’s Recent Accomplishment: Media Website


Elinext Group has recently finished the development of an interactive media website designed to attract artists and regular people and encourage them to build a virtual wall with their graffiti.Elinext Group, software and IT consulting company is pleased to announce the completion of the website ...
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Elinext Group Introduces a Mobile Application for iOS “Sujet” developed for Hoople SAS


Elinext Group has accomplished an intriguing task of delivering a solution that facilitates the process of instant messaging. The new application is compatible with iPhone operating system.Elinext Group, an alliance of custom software development companies, is pleased to introduce a successfully ...
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Elinext Group Announces Successful Delivery of LiveSV Mobile Optimized Website


Elinext Group, an international alliance of software development companies, gets invaluable experience in the development of mobile optimized website solutions through close cooperation with Silicon Valley CreatesAugust 12, 2013. Elinext Group, a globally acting provider of software development a...
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Elinext Group Rolls out New Streamlined Help Desk System


Elinext Group, an international alliance of software development companies, today unveiled its new Help Desk solution that can be customized for use both on-premise, in the cloud, and on mobile platformsMay 20, 2013. Elinext Group, a globally-acting provider of IT services and solutions, today an...
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