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The Elinext Group management team has been getting its present shape for years. The management team consists of highly qualified individuals dedicated to lifelong education and transcultural communication. All of our top managers received training according to the latest educational standards of Western Europe and USA. Elinext Group is committed to philosophy of equal opportunities and diversity as far as human resources are concerned. We believe in sheer professionalism above any racial and gender prejudices.

The Elinext Group management team is comprised of different individuals with diverse approaches and broad expertise, which enables to make multi-faceted decisions, taking into consideration subtle aspects. For this reason Elinext Group is able to come up with solutions tailored not only to implement technical specifications but with great care for the client's business needs.

Board of Directors
IT Services
IT Consulting and Business Development
Board of Directors
Dr. Khoa Nguyen,
Chief Elinext
Khoa Nguyen holds PhD & DSc degrees in mathematical informatics from Belarusian State University. He is the author of more than 20 articles in the area combining mathematics and computer science. Khoa Nguyen founded Elinext Group in 1997 together with a group of other dedicated IT professionals. He plays a leading role in bringing together company’s strategies and latest technologies to maintain steady growth within the IT industry. With more than 17 years in leading position in Elinext Group, managing software outsourcing services for US and European financial services and telecommunication industries, Khoa Nguyen has all experience it takes for full-cycle software and web development, including recruiting, staffing, development, QA, R&D and project management.
Vladimir Antonovitch,
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Vladimir holds a double major degree with honors in physics and mathematics from Brest University (1995) and an engineering degree in software development from BSUIR (1997). Since 1996, Vladimir Antonovitch has been working with partners and customers from USA and EU. In 1999 till 2002 he takes part in an international team of developers in Prague, Czech. In Elinext Group Vladimir starts as a project manager, later is promoted to a department manager and eventually to Chief Technical Officer. As such Vladimir Antonovitch provides general management and strategic planning for the company. Vladimir’s key areas of focus are cloud computing, mobile development, web CMS.
Alexey Shliakhouski,
IT Services Director
Alexey holds two degrees in computer science from BSUIR (1999) and economics from BSEU (2003). In Elinext Group Alexey has advanced all the way up from a developer to team lead and eventually to IT services director. In the company he is responsible for management of a whole list of projects, different in scale and complexity. Together with Alexey Trigolos plays major role in the CA Technologies project from the very beginning. Takes part in all decision-making and strategic planning processes at Elinext Group. Alexey is fluent in English and German, plays tennis.
IT Services
Alexey Trigolos,
IT Services Director
Alexey holds a degree in applied mathematics from BSU. Since 1998, he has been working in IT sphere, rising from developer position to team lead, business analyst and now IT services director at Elinext Group. Alexey is company’s expert in web solutions and IT infrastructure management. In pair with Alexey Shliakhouski plays major role in the CA Technologies project from the very beginning. Alexey is entitled to the black belt, third dang in Vat-Djitsu (Bong Dem Long martial arts school).
Sergey Morozov,
3D & Games Development Director
Sergey was promoted to General Manager of Eligraphics Studio in 2007. In this role, Sergey is responsible for management and development of the 3D animation studio and the graphic design group. From 2004 to 2006, Sergey worked as a deputy producer in Steel Monkeys, a game development company in Minsk. Prior to that, Sergey joined Elinext Group in 2001 and worked as a software engineer till 2003. Sergey Morozov holds a bachelor degree in system engineering from Donskoi State Technical University in Russia.
Pavel Burakou,
Senior Software Development Manager
Pavel holds a master degree in computer science from Belarus State University of Informatics and Radioengineering. Pavel started his career in banking business as a telecom specialist. In early 2000, he spent two years working as software developer in Canada. Pavel has been working in Elinext since 2004 rising from senior software developer to team lead and project manager. In one of the latest projects for Camstar, Pavel manages 4 dedicated teams – 2 clients, business logic, QA. He is responsible for teams’ collaboration, analysis of customer’s requests, tasks decompositions, job assignments and resource planning and for communications with the Camstar.
Maxim Dadychyn,
Project Manager, Mobile Development Department
Maxim Dadychyn holds a degree from Belarus State University of Informatics and Radioengineering. Since 2005, he has been working in IT sphere as business analyst for 3 years. Maxim started his career at Elinext Group as junior, senior, lead developer and climbed step by step from this positions to Project Manager. At the moment, Maxim Dadychyn works at Elinext Group Mobile Development Department, supervising a whole list of mobile apps, web development projects and managing professional development teams. He has vast expertise in the successful release of projects connected with .NET, Cryptography, iOS, Android, Window Phone, Blackberry, Video streaming technologies, CRM systems, e-commerce. His main business characteristics are flexibility, responsibility and creative decision making.
Gennady Sergeenko,
Project Manager, Web Development Department
Gennady holds a degree in computer science and he is a winner of the National Contest in web programming and a winner of the Presidential Award for outstanding students. He obtained C# certification, web application development certificate and is certified ASP.NET and HTML5 developer. Since 2007, he has been working in IT sphere, and in 2010 he started his career at Elinext Group rising from .NET developer position to project manager. Gennady is company’s expert in .NET and PHP web development solutions, frontend HTML5 and Samsung Smart TV application development and JavaScript frameworks. His main professional strength is constant attention to the key details of any project.
Nguyen Nguyen,
Project Manager, Sofware Development
Nguyen holds a bachelor degree in computer science (2001) and a master degree in computer science (2004) from Ho Chi Minh University of Technology. Nguyen has worked in various positions starting with software engineer to technical team leader. Nguyen has over 8 years of experience in software development. He is responsible for software project management, consulting and staff training in Elinext Group branch office in Saigon.
Boris Dubeshko,
Administrative Director
Boris joins Elilink Consulting, a member of Elinext Group, in 1998 and in 2003 he is promoted to the position of Managing Director. On this position, Boris supervises the whole of administrative procedures of Elilink Consulting, including compliance to regulations and licensing. Boris also manages relations between Elinext Group and major prestigious universities in Belarus. Boris holds an engineering degree in system engineering (1991). He likes videogames and cross country cars.
Vladimir Baranovsky,
Administrative Director
Vladimir holds a bachelor degree in economics from Belarusian State University. Vladimir Baranovsky was appointed Administrative Director of Elilink Consulting Ltd., a member of Elinext Group, in 2004. He is responsible for the administrative operations in the company. Vladimir has been working for Elinext Group since the early days in 1997, when he started as Operation Manager. From 2003 to 2004 he worked as an Operation Deputy Director of Elilink Consulting, a member of Elinext Group.In the mid 2000s, Vladimir managed company’s activities in Russian Federation.
Hung Vo,
Director, Elinext Asia
Hung holds degrees from Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology and Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics. Hung joined Elinext in 1999 as Business Development Manager after returning back to Vietnam from Russia. In 2001, Hung was appointed Managing Director of Elisoft, a member of Elinext Group. He is in charge of Elisoft’s infrastructure, resources, administrative procedures and operational planning.
IT Consulting and Business Development
Cham Le,
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Cham Le holds a degree in foreign languages from Kyiv State Pedagogical Institute Together with Business Development Department Cham supervises and carries out all marketing campaigns of Elinext Group, organizes corporate events, including participation in various exhibitions, conferences, etc. Cham plays key role in the creation and development of the company image, corporate style and the Elinext Group brand.
Eugene Grinkevich,
IT Consulting Director
Eugene holds two degrees from the Belarusian National Technical University in Computer Science (Software development) and Economics (Management). He starts his career in Elinext Group as an ASP.NET Developer. After that he is appointed as a .NET Team Lead, whereas he obtains technical background in many latest software development technologies. After having taken part in a number of investment projects for the EU and USA markets, Eugene becomes Manager of Business Development in 2009, and in 2010 - Director of the Elinext Business Development. For the time being, Eugene is in charge of strategic business extension and IT Consulting services of Elinext Group.

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