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Location-Based Application Development

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Location-Based Application Development

The global market of location-based services (LBS) is enjoying strong growth. LBS services are designed to supply users of GPS- and Internet-enabled mobile devices with appropriate, timely and place-specific content. This gives immediate access to product or service information, price comparisons, product alternatives, reviews and direct purchase options. Wider coverage and higher speeds of mobile networks reinforce the number of people using location-based services.

LBS may be used in a variety of contexts:

  • Advertising
  • Driving Assistance
  • Emergency and Healthcare Services
  • Entertainment and Games
  • Indoor Object Search
  • Local Traffic Updates
  • Local Weather Information
  • Mobile City Guides
  • People-Locating Services (Friends, Family Members, Employees)
  • Roadside Services
  • Targeted Sales Offerings
  • Traveling and Tourist Attractions
  • Vehicle Theft Detection

LBS services allow businesses to make offers of locally relevant products and services when consumers are most susceptible to make purchases. Elinext Group is your trusted partner in developing high-quality location-based apps for mobile platforms.

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