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IT Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure

What is Management?
Act, process or practice of getting activities completed effectively
What is Infrastructure Management?
Process of creating, planning, and maintaining infrastructures
What is IT infrastructure?
All of the hardware, software, networks, facilities etc. that are required to develop, test, deliver or support IT Services (Baseline ITIL definition)

Areas of IT IM

  • Network management
  • Storage management
  • System management
  • Facility management
IT Infrastructure
You are ready to embrace all benefits of IT Infrastructure Management, if you like the idea of:
  • Adherence to standards
  • Optimization of information flows
  • Adaptability to changeable environments
  • Interoperability of organization and externals
  • Effective change of policies and practices
IT Ideas
Elinext Group is an expert player on the Infrastructure Management field
  • Development of Infrastructure Management systems for mid-size (<1000) networks
  • Development of modules for packaged IM systems (CA eHealth)
  • Product consulting for the industry’s leading products

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