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Green Modeling (Green Transport & Green Electricity) Case Study

Download Green Modeling (Green Transport  &  Green Electricity) Case Study

Customer: Elinext Group.

Project: Green Modeling (Green Transport & Green Electricity)

Type: Innovative development, mobile application development, green IT.

Requirements: These Green Apps must provide a user-friendly interface to manipulate mathematical models. The results should be displayed graphically. The project must be developed for iOS and Android with a significant part of common code.

Challenge: The main challenge for our developers was to create cross platform apps which have all the necessary functionality:
  • To force the same code work both on Android and iOS.
  • To optimize the algorithm so that it were useful and could provide high performance.

Solution: To solve all the tasks, our specialists decided to use a cross-platform mobile framework (Phonegap).

Results: The development project outcome is applications for Android and iOS, available for downloads at markets (based on the same cross-platform code with minimal changes between platforms). Applications have a simple interface to manipulate the desired models.

Region: Whole world.

Industry: Health and fitness.

Engagement model: Hourly pay.

Technologies: Android SDK, iOS SDK, Phonegap, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

Duration: 2 weeks.

Staff: 2 developers.

Platforms: iOS, Android (could be simply ported on BlackBerry OS and WP7).

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