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Samsung Smart TV App Development

Overview Services Process FAQ Samsung Smart TV App DevelopmentInternet-connected TVs aka smart TVs are shaping the new generation of viewing habits. They allow users to run Internet-based applications, or smart TV apps, that offer items like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, as well as stream live ...
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How TV App Developers Can Help Travel Agencies Access Millions of Living Rooms

Not so long ago, the pervasive impact of the Internet and wireless devices has led to the convergence of online media and broadcast television. The right decision of how to combine broadcasting with Internet connection was found due to the appearance of the smart TV. This hybrid TV can be defined...
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Elinext Group Is Engaged With Samsung Smart TV Apps Development

Elinext Group, an alliance of custom software development companies, has hosted a presentation devoted to Samsung's Smart TVs. This meeting is the initiative of the company's senior management to streamline its competences with the IT market developments.April 27, 2012. Elinext Group, an alliance...
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