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Case Studies

  • Flower Monitoring Mobile App Case Study

    Flower monitoring tool is a mobile application with the help of which you receive an alert in real time when one of your plants has special water, fertilizer, light or temperature needs. Using the application, the user can select their plants from the database developed by botanists in the Cloud. More than 6000 varieties are listed and custom advice is given on maintaining each plant.
    Industry : Lifestyle
  • Pap Vacancies Case Study

    Pap vacancies is a mobile application with a convenient and modern UI for people who want to get information about hotels, flats, shale in the mountains, open beautiful places/regions in France with the possibility to see all the photos and to reach/contact owner or to rent the place directly.
    Industry : Travel & Local
  • Flower Monitoring Tool Web Case Study

    Flower Monitoring Tool Web is a part of the system for monitoring the health of plants, providing useful tips and predictions about the care of flowers as well as an access to the database of their origins, photos, basic requirements.
  • GoldStar WordPress Plugin Case Study

    GoldStar plugin is WordPress plugin developed to help blog and website owners to extend their website with capabilities to find, display, sort different events from GoldStar system
    Industry : Entertainment
  • FX Grant Case Study

    FX Grant is a platform for Forex traders with different levels of experience. User friendly UI and careful support for beginners as well as good visualization and various features for market analysis make this platform a very useful for effective Forex trading.
    Industry : Financial Services
  • LoanGarage Case Study

    LoanGarage is a web-based system which provides efficient and convenient way for connecting borrowers to lenders. It provides secure and safe way of borrowing money and reliable cost-effective way to lend.
    Industry : Financial Services
  • Case Study is a social network website for pet lovers, which lets users to share pets' life as well as to help other pets all over the world.
    Industry : Social media, charity organizations
  • Sujet Case Study

    Sujet is an optimized for iPhone5 mobile application for composition of all the most frequent SMS and emails in a few finger movements.
    Industry : Utility
  • Dine Case Study

    Dine is an application designed both for iPhone and iPad. It is a culinary diary that allows record menus and dishes with beautiful photos, search them by date or guests and share them on Facebook.
    Industry : Utility
  • Case Study is an interactive website where people can share their thoughts or show their drawings on a digital wall of 155 km length. It's also a good marketing tool for companies to publish their banners or creative promo materials on the wall.
    Industry : Media, Entertainment

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