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Case Studies

  • Punch Guide Case Study

    Punch Guide is an application designed both for iPhone and iPad as well as for Android. It was created to make punching calculation simpler for end-customers of the Trumpf company.
  • Hashtag Barometer Case Study

    Hashtag Barometer is a social website based on Elinext solution for marketing research and promotion. The solution helps to track the number of hashtags posted in real time, display the posts on an interactive wall, gather statistics and organize social challenges to promote any website.
  • Allunique Studio Photo Editor Case Study

    Allunique Studio – Photo Editor is a powerful photo editor with integrated social sharing and Allunique community.
  • Period Trakher for Men Case Study

    Period Trakher has been created for men to let them discretely keep track of their women monthly menstrual cycle. The mobile application reminds about premenstrual syndrome and allows a man to plan a romantic vacation
  • TripWolf Travel Guide Case Study

    Tripwolf is a travel application that serves as a travel guide for the most popular destinations all over the globe with offline maps. Due to Tripwolf community it is easier to plan your own itinerary and receive recommendations from experienced travelers.
  • Dine Restaurant Notebook Case study

    "Dine - your restaurant notebook" is a mobile application based on " Dine - your culinary diary " by Hoople with extended functionality that allows users review and star the restaurants they have been, write a column about places, edit (cropping, use filters, make sketches, etc) and share pictures of meals.
  • Dashboard Car App Case Study

    Dashboard is a mobile automotive application that serves to display a traffic around current location, control media player in a car with shortcuts to voice recognition system.
    Industry : Automotive
  • Stiftung Theodora Case Study

    The final product of the development is an application for Android tablets that is aimed to entertain children through gaming experience. It contains puzzle game, painting game and funny photo editor.
    Industry : Entertainment
  • EdQuants Case Study

    A web portal for internal use that is aimed to automate the process of working with documents and analytical data.
    Industry : Education
  • Poshberry Case Study

    Poshberry is a company that provides a wide range of services for luxury travel industry. The developed website is a convenient way to book first class tickets for the best price. The website is ergonomic, user-friendly and supports mobile and tablet devices.
    Industry : Travel, tourism

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