FX Accounting Software

Type: Web development

Requirements: The customer wanted Elinext Group’s dedicated team of IT engineers to develop a SaaS application that could track the life of foreign exchange derivatives from inception up to realization.

Challenge: It was challenging to comprehend complex business logic of the financial application and get educated in all the nuances of exchange trading, hedging and reporting in a short period of time.

Solution: The team of developers managed to mobilize their efforts and through close communication with the customer relatively quickly get a good understanding of the subject area. Elinext Group’s IT expertise and the coordinated approach allowed to create a reliable and secure SaaS application.

Results: The outcome of the project is a robust SaaS solution with a completely new architecture. Its benefits include global availability, cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility, improved security, back compatibility, effective maintenance with fix delivery guarantee. IT engineers at Elinext Group constantly update the software to ensure its flawless functioning and compliance to all the required standards. The most distinctive feature of the new SaaS solution is reporting with the possibility to create charts, graphs and diagrams. Moreover, data can be exported into PDF and XLS formats. The application is also available on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.




Region: Worldwide

Industry: Financial Services

Type: Web

Engagement model: Dedicated team model

Duration: 1 year; ongoing project

Staff: 6 developers, 1 designer, 1 project manager

Platforms: SaaS, iOS, Android