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7 ways how reduce software development costs


Once you think of reducing costs for something, the very first idea that may pop into your head is do-it-yourself strategy, but it is unreachable if attributed to software development.

It is hard to imagine a modern company that doesn't use software. So the necessity for software development and maintenance becomes only cuter and cuter. Thus, the costs do not stay on the ground level, they rise and skyrocket until they may supersede the company`s overall profit if we speak about a newly established small firm or company that experiences hard times.

So what can be a good solution for the company that needs a high-quality software product but at the same time forced to tighten its belts?
A simple but useful 7-step strategy can help the cost-focused company invest smart into software development and keep up with customers` requirements for constant innovation in design and functional software features.

1. Turn to Outsourcing.

Outsourcing is a good step to undertake if you need to decrease your costs for custom software development. The countries of Eastern Europe can deliver high-qualit...

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Mobile App dilemma: what to choose Native or Hybrid development?

Need to improve your business? - Catch possibilities, grab customers` attention – that`s what business gurus tell us at their trainings. But how to grab the attention of those whose attention is already stolen by the most absorbing thing of the 21st century – the Gadget? Easily, but only if y...
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With iOS 8 mobile operating system iPhone and iPad app development became less cumbersome

“Atrocious”. That is the epithet developers used to describe beta testing of iPhone and iPad apps. Due to new iOS 8 mobile operating features, the “atrocious” epithets will be finally changed to something more euphonic. This day has come and Apple has done it: iOS mobile app development h...
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Real Estate CRM Software Benefits

It's hard to imagine how real estate professionals manage to do all their numerous assignments and do not lose mind. They monitor listings in various areas, hunt for new clients, link people to the property they want, create leads and brochures. Plus, there are loads of documents they need to pro...
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QR Code Mobile Marketing Ideas to Grow your Business

The last decade has been marked by incredibly fast and vast spread of smartphones and mobile technologies. According to Emarketer statistics data, more than one-third of all people around the globe will be smartphones users by 2017.Moreover, more and more people get involved in usage of mobile te...
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