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How to Build a Great Software Product



Everything starts with an Idea. It’s the ideas that push us forward and give way to our potential and talent. Good ideas can change the world around us or at least give a start to an outstanding software product. But the question is “Where can we draw our inspiration from to come up with the IDEA?” Moreover, the Idea has to be urgent and in demand later on. First of all, a moment should be taken to look around and to give some thought to what needs to be changed, improved or eliminated. Secondly, there are always people around whose work can be spied upon for possible drawbacks and faults while working on their computers. Having followed this tactic there is a strong possibility to abridge the operation to just a few clicks or introduce any other solution aimed at making everyday life quicker and simpler.

Nevertheless, a balanced idea and a strong motivation are hardly enough to build a sound software product. As Ricardo D. Sanchez (a software engineer and a famous blogger) puts it: “There is no doubt that hiring tech talent is one of the most difficult tasks for startups....

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12 essential points in software product development


Nowadays software technologies are used in practically any kind of company or organization all over the world. In the article it will be described the complete process of creating and modifying various software systems, from initial design concept to post-release maintenance and support.1. Requir...
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Mobile Augmented Reality Latest Trend


Modern astonishing and top-notch innovations have been penetrating all spheres of our life. One of the miracles of human mind and the latest outstanding achievement is mobile augmented reality. To perceive the essence of any phenomenon, it’s quite reasonable to begin with its definition. Augmen...
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What Cloud ERP Solutions Manufacturers Need?


Before going into greater details, it is well worth figuring out what cloud ERP is about. A cloud ERP system is a subscription-based online service provided via the Internet. Instead of placing an on-premise ERP solution, cloud ERP users’ database is maintained by ERP providers. This procedure ...
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7 reasons why Retailers need mobile ERP


Rapidly growing technologies and omnipresent mobile devices are calling on retailers to revise the whole process of sale and pay proper attention to the adoption of online selling instead of a conventional one. Retailers need a handy versatile environment to make the most of these innovations. Re...
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