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Mobile Augmented Reality Latest Trend



Modern astonishing and top-notch innovations have been penetrating all spheres of our life. One of the miracles of human mind and the latest outstanding achievement is mobile augmented reality. To perceive the essence of any phenomenon, it’s quite reasonable to begin with its definition. Augmented reality is a vision of the real world through a device's camera, where some parts of the reality are augmented (or supplemented) by video, graphics, sound or GPS system. Mobile augmented reality allows to combine real and virtual worlds, making the environment around the user interactive and controllable.

The diagram illustrates mixed reality explained by University College London. A real object is captured into virtual reality and mixed with an object created within virtual reality.

Mobile augmented reality is a rather new practice that causes both approval and distrust. Like it or not, but the fact that a user can superimpose digital data on the real environment, is pretty impressive. Augmented reality technologies are implemented on mobile devices in the form of applications that conv...

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What Cloud ERP Solutions Manufacturers Need?


Before going into greater details, it is well worth figuring out what cloud ERP is about. A cloud ERP system is a subscription-based online service provided via the Internet. Instead of placing an on-premise ERP solution, cloud ERP users’ database is maintained by ERP providers. This procedure ...
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7 reasons why Retailers need mobile ERP


Rapidly growing technologies and omnipresent mobile devices are calling on retailers to revise the whole process of sale and pay proper attention to the adoption of online selling instead of a conventional one. Retailers need a handy versatile environment to make the most of these innovations. Re...
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50 Questions & Answers about Mobile ERP


Mobile ERP systems today are taking on and win over more and more followers. The success of this phenomenon is attributable to its numerous benefits such as usability and accessibility, as well as its ability to enhance productivity and provide high-quality service. Nowadays mobile ERP solution i...
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Mobile ERP helps manufacturers improve productivity


Any market today must adjust to customers with higher expectations. Not only customers require faster responses, but also employees and business owners demand more sophisticated procedures and more advanced implementation. It is far more important when business world has to face a challenging eco...
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