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How to turn your website into the best salesman?



At present it’s hard to imagine any credible company without its own website. Neglecting such a great opportunity to move your goods or services online would be a huge omission. That’s why a great demand for really well-built and well-designed websites arises. And whether you already have a website or you are working on it yet, you expect it to work as a sales tool and a converter of visitors into buyers. Here are some useful tips to sell your business, products, or services, using which you’ll be able to reap significantly higher conversion rates. Feel free to use any or all of them, and your website will serve you as your best salesman.

To succeed in Web sales, three key criteria should be met:

1. Good Product and Target audience
Firstly, it’s crucial to choose and position your product for web sales and define your target audience.

2. Website that sells
Secondly, build the site that would generate conversion using all possible marketing instruments.

3. Traffic-building
Once you have great content to share with your visitors, help them to find it, i.e. attract customers to your...

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Cloud computing for the financial services industry


Under the circumstances of the oft-recurring crises and system breakdowns, fierce competitiveness and emboldened clients, changing business models and global financial assets tripling by 2020 (at least, according to some estimation), CIOs see cost reduction as well as the change of the status quo...
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Mobile application phenomenon named Flappy Bird


The Flappy Bird’s sudden phenomenal success is somewhat of a riddle wrapped in an enigma. Its story is indeed full of riddles and contradictions that are hard to explain or believe. It had a sudden meteoric rise and a sudden fall. Some users love the game while others hate it; however all confe...
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7 steps to a stress-free website renovation


In the era of worldwide spread of the Internet came the realization of the fact that wars are no longer waged on the real world battlefields, but on the battlefields of virtual reality. That`s true while speaking not only about video games but it can also be applied to competitive wars among comp...
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10 Creative Mobile App Ideas for Your Travel Agency


You don’t need to be a specialist in marketing to understand that for the promotion of your travel agency in today’s tech-savvy world you need more than just a mobile website. According to a number of consumer researches, mobile transactions are becoming mainstream in the travel industry, so ...
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