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Apps have a tremendous effect on our lives. That is why apps have already become a huge industry that caters users’ needs. Business and productivity apps market is forecasted to reach $58 billion by 2016. Under these circumstances, it is vital to grasp an “untapped developer opportunity” for each IT services company. The information below is our vision regarding modern and challenging trends in the business and productivity apps sphere.

To begin with, one should acknowledge that traditional PCs are sliding away from the apps arena. Let us call this phenomenon “apps diversification”. Phones, tablets, e-readers empower users to set a “proper-mobile-application-for-iPhone/iPad-requirement”. Elinext Group experiences this trend as well. As an intrinsic task to take up we get “to develop an application for iPhone”, the phrase you can read in the majority of our cases connected with apps development. In other words, business apps get extended to mobile services. That is why in order to get revenue IT developers should make apps functional across smartphones and tablets ...

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What makes an app great?

According to the latest survey of the Management Consultancy J’son & Partners the market of mobile apps is showing the most rapid rate of growth among other products of intellectual nature. Undoubtedly, this is an absolutely logical consequence of a set of tendencies: smartphones and tablets ar...
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Top 10 Business ideas reincarnated into profitable Apps

The fact that all businesses should have mobile presence has become undeniable as more and more people involved in the virtual world provided by gadgets like smartphones and tablets. With more and more smartphones bought by people around the globe, no one would even impugn the necessity of creati...
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Mobile Apps as the Future of Big Data

The issue of growth and great diversity of data that recent years have been abundant with has led to the emergence of special software tools, programs and applications developed to collect, manage and process petabytes and exabytes of data at a high speed within a short period of time.While Big D...
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Consumers and mobile financial services

Nowadays financial services environment is expected to be much more nimble than it used to be before. A new level of transparency and convenience is needed so as to be able to survive under the conditions of intense competition. That is why mobile devices are widely used in financial services, pr...
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