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Is it worth for Small Businesses Make An App?


Unfortunately, small business owners usually ignore mobile world in their activities. They either pinch pennies on such developments or are scared off by the very idea of creating a mobile application that may seem like a huge undertaking for which they are not enough technically qualified or experienced. However, as mobile devices have taken the world, it’s a huge omission not to keep pace with such new tech-savvy trends.

Some may assert that the presence of website is enough for them, but we can assure you that nowadays having a good website is good, but having a good mobile app is better, because as statistics and polls show, mobile usage is quickly overtaking desktop/laptop usage in the marketplace. Smartphones, iphones, androids, tablets become most common way to access the Internet. Apps offer robust functions that lead to many more chances for usage in comparison to mobile websites. Thus, the average business’s app is used twice as often as its mobile website. That's why it’s high time for every type of business, including small one, to go mobile and create a useful m...

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Mobility Trends in Financial Services

As traditional communication patterns in different spheres are becoming less relevant, mobile phones are becoming tools that are widely used for banking, payment and shopping. Mobile financial services are a new fast-evolving sector that has expanded its intermediary role between customers and re...
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Business and Productivity Apps

Apps have a tremendous effect on our lives. That is why apps have already become a huge industry that caters users’ needs. Business and productivity apps market is forecasted to reach $58 billion by 2016. Under these circumstances, it is vital to grasp an “untapped developer opportunity” fo...
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What makes an app great?

According to the latest survey of the Management Consultancy J’son & Partners the market of mobile apps is showing the most rapid rate of growth among other products of intellectual nature. Undoubtedly, this is an absolutely logical consequence of a set of tendencies: smartphones and tablets ar...
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Top 10 Business ideas reincarnated into profitable Apps

The fact that all businesses should have mobile presence has become undeniable as more and more people involved in the virtual world provided by gadgets like smartphones and tablets. With more and more smartphones bought by people around the globe, no one would even impugn the necessity of creati...
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