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How TV App Developers Can Help Travel Agencies Access Millions of Living Rooms



Not so long ago, the pervasive impact of the Internet and wireless devices has led to the convergence of online media and broadcast television. The right decision of how to combine broadcasting with Internet connection was found due to the appearance of the smart TV. This hybrid TV can be defined as the integration of the Internet into modern television sets that can support third-party applications. Modern TV services make it real to have access to a great variety of additional information and complement your TV with a great amount of TV apps.

It’s supposed that the main aim of each smart TV application is to deliver to a viewer of Internet-connected TV sets a more powerful viewing experience. By using diverse TV applications, modern televiewers are able to browse tons of videos, including either time-shifted or online broadcastings. In addition to that, Smart TV apps provide unlimited options for transmitting and customizing multimedia content.

Without doubt these advantages of the next generation TVs have already been highly appreciated by millions of users throughout the world...

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App Developers Help Education Get to New Heights


Mobile solutions impact every facet of education and are now more than a comfort. They are a necessity that not only provides flexibility to the academia, but also makes all the parties involved explore a new teaching paradigm. Mobile applications for smartphones and tablets are an important and ...
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Android App Developers Help Retailers Get Wider Range of Average and Low-Income Clients


Not so long ago, the Internet was only a privilege of developed countries, and Apple with Blackberry were just fruits. However, thanks to the tech revolution all the benefits of online services have become available to the whole world. The truth is that wireless technologies and mobile devices si...
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Life Stories that Inspire: Vladimir Antonovitch


Vladimir was appointed as Chief Technical Officer of Elinext Group in 2009 and today plays an integral role in the strategic development of the company. Due to his enthusiasm and vitality, Mr. Antonovitch streamlines operations and concentrates his attention on the company's core businesses, prov...
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iPad App Developers Make Real Estate Brokers Closer to International Rich Clients


Nowadays, many consumers take advantage of Apple products or wish to get them. No wonder that Apple Inc. is selling as many iOS-enabled devices (iPads, iPhones, MacBooks and iPods) as cars that are sold by car traders worldwide. As a result, Apple is one of the most successful IT businesses in th...
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