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Unique content is a king in SEO


Have you ever thought about what Google wants? To produce a large number search results? To produce the very best quality targeted search results? To be the most popular top-notch search service? To create loyal users? And how about making profits? Actually, all these “reflections”, let us call it in such a way, are true about Google. How does Google reach these goals? Or let’s put it: should Google work alone on your website’s ranking? Why does it send its traffic to one website, not another?

You should ask these questions to get a bigger slice of the Google pie. Of course, the very first thing one comes across is relevance. Fill your website with as many relevant words as possible and be among most popular search results, says the universal rule of search process. However, in order to be listed in results no. 1 relevance is not enough.

The current challenge for all the businesses is content quality and its optimization in search engines. Content is created different. You need unique one. That is the current top dog of SEO. Unique content means a robust backup to SEO work...

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Old SEO tricks vs modern optimization trends

The world of web technologies has undergone serious changes during the recent years from one side simplifying the life of users and from the other side making it harder for web developers. And those who previously assumed that they can create a trivial web product with poor functionality and it w...
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What travel apps can be interesting to tourists?

Mobile trends for tourism and travel has already gone through massive transformational changes taking into account fast growth of mobile technologies all over the world. The smartphone has become the unique travel companion giving tourists access to their money, photos, travel guides, maps, socia...
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7 ways how reduce software development costs

Once you think of reducing costs for something, the very first idea that may pop into your head is do-it-yourself strategy, but it is unreachable if attributed to software development. It is hard to imagine a modern company that doesn't use software. So the necessity for software development and ...
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Mobile App dilemma: what to choose Native or Hybrid development?

Need to improve your business? - Catch possibilities, grab customers` attention – that`s what business gurus tell us at their trainings. But how to grab the attention of those whose attention is already stolen by the most absorbing thing of the 21st century – the Gadget? Easily, but only if y...
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