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The One-in-a-Million Idea - Software Development for Drones


Imagine yourself at home craving for a pizza. So you order one. But instead of a delivery guy your pizza is brought over by a flying robot… In actual practice drones can accomplish much more challenging tasks than just pizza distribution.

  • Drones have turned out to be an asset for cinematographers in the pursuit of spectacular camera shots.
  • Paparazzi have discovered drones' indisputable value in spying on famous people.
  • By shooting exhaustive videos of houses real estate agents gain advantage in the closing of a deal.
  • With the aid of drones farmers can monitor their husbandry and scatter pesticides over the fields if necessary.
  • Drones have breathed new life into aerial photography including capturing archeological sites.
  • Drones are able to make sporting events (or any other big event) more thrilling and exciting. The opportunity to watch activities from above, allows coaches to keep an eye on players from a brand new perspective.
  • Apart from the above mentioned outstanding application fields, there is one more simple reason that explains why drones are so popular: flying a drone is f...
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Pros and cons of custom software development

The irritating shortcomings of off-the-shelf software and its inability to conduct successful battles on all business fronts have pushed many companies to the idea of custom software development.When perfectly tailored to suit your business needs, custom software may seem to be the best solution,...
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CRM system as marketing software for small businesses

There exists a common misbelief that customer relationship management is something that serves only for big companies. However, it doesn’t matter how large your enterprise is. It is of crucial importance to leverage data to make sure that your clients are satisfied and your employees are workin...
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Software outsourcing trends and the future of outsourcing companies

According to a study by Gartner software outsourcing expenditures will continue to grow right up to 2018. However, this growth is expected to slow down in 2015. This year the growth rate is predicted to amount to 4.5%. Moving on from these figures further, we start straight away with the most imp...
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What pieces compose the puzzle called enterprise mobility management?

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is a comprehensive approach that allows employees to use smartphones, tablets or laptops securely. Besides dealing with security issues, a strong EMM strategy also makes employees more efficient, as it provides them with the tools they need to complete work-re...
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