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Application lifecycle management



Today for an application to be successful there should be an organized development platform that enables control of an application lifecycle, simultaneously reduces the costs and provides continuous business solutions. Application lifecycle management – is supposed to be a strategic answer to application chaos and a means for business growth.

According to the Online Cambridge Dictionary, a lifecycle means the series of changes that a living thing goes through from the beginning of its life until death, while management implies the control and organization of something. Projecting these definitions on the information technologies sphere application lifecycle management can also be generally explained by summing up of the two terms, though with light changes due to a specific character of the subject (software applications). So, dilettantish, one can defy application lifecycle management, or to put it in short, ALM, as a process of governing and controlling of a software application existence from its first appearance until it reaches its final point, in other words, until it is r...

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8 characteristics of the next generation financial services websites


“We would have hired 2 top-notch developers rather than 7-8 mediocre developers.The fact is that the quality of the developer-pool in India (that most startups have access to) leaves a LOT to be desired. Folks may not admit this openly, but they will agree in private. The cost levels are low, b...
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12 slips you should avoid while selling mobile apps


The accessibility and thus a broad popularity of smartphones and tablets during the recent years has created a high-powered impetus for the emergence of an absolutely unbelievable demand for mobile applications of diverse kinds from a Zombie Game to a Mobile Banking app. Mobile application indust...
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What makes a good mobile game?


Today, the development of mobile is accelerated quickly and rapidly. New devices are built and introduced continuously, attracting a large portion of the World population to persuade mobile business. The need for mobile entertainment is on the rise. We can see so many people frequently use mobile...
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How 2048 blew up the market


It looks like at present there are millions of addictive games flooding in that eat up our time, especially the ones for mobile devices. Suffice it to recall Candy Crush Saga, Flappy Bird, Threes. It seems that nothing new, more exciting can else be created to reel people in and win the players o...
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