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Vietnam software outsourcing gaining momentum to become a Tiger on World IT Market


What best describes a "Tiger on the Market?" Strength, power, ferocity and intelligence – the traits that distinguish a true market leader.

However it is not that simple when talking about the IT Market. A team of talented professionals with plenty of strength, power, ferocity, and intelligence may lead a business to initial success, but will be unsuccessful in the long run.


High salary costs, together with high costs for development, maintenance, and innovations may result in a major loss of profit for your company. But everyone wants to make profit, and you are not an exception.

So, what to do?

You may have heard the phrase: “East or West, Vietnam for software outsourcing is best.”

This opinion has been shared by thousands of IT companies who have already turned to Vietnam software outsourcing. Among those named are tech giants such as Samsung, Microsoft, LG, and Intel, who have invested in large operations and start-up implementations.

Gartner first identified Vietnam as one of the top 30 countries for outsourcing in 2010.

Much has changed since that report. According to a ...

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Why CRM Development Is Big Business in the Real Estate Industry

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Top 10 UI and UX Features in Mobile App Development

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