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Cloud computing for the financial services industry



Under the circumstances of the oft-recurring crises and system breakdowns, fierce competitiveness and emboldened clients, changing business models and global financial assets tripling by 2020 (at least, according to some estimation), CIOs see cost reduction as well as the change of the status quo as critical business priorities for the future. New challenges demand new approaches. Cloud computing, the buzzword that can be a Messiah for financial services industry. "Move to the cloud and never wait for the server" this phrase could really be the motto for financial firms. To put it more exactly, today we will look into this odd expression and throw the light on the following: how cloud computing can be applicable to financial services, which services can be moved to a cloud and how cloud computing is actually used by the leading financial services companies.

In general, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology defines cloud computing as a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., netwo...

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Mobile application phenomenon named Flappy Bird


The Flappy Bird’s sudden phenomenal success is somewhat of a riddle wrapped in an enigma. Its story is indeed full of riddles and contradictions that are hard to explain or believe. It had a sudden meteoric rise and a sudden fall. Some users love the game while others hate it; however all confe...
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7 steps to a stress-free website renovation


In the era of worldwide spread of the Internet came the realization of the fact that wars are no longer waged on the real world battlefields, but on the battlefields of virtual reality. That`s true while speaking not only about video games but it can also be applied to competitive wars among comp...
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10 Creative Mobile App Ideas for Your Travel Agency


You don’t need to be a specialist in marketing to understand that for the promotion of your travel agency in today’s tech-savvy world you need more than just a mobile website. According to a number of consumer researches, mobile transactions are becoming mainstream in the travel industry, so ...
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Top 10 traits of successful mobile app for real estate agents


A good real estate agent is a salesperson, an analyst, a marketer, a consultant, a businessman at the same time. To increase productivity and enhance real estate business, such a person should be equipped with the right tools. Nowadays these tools are mostly digital. They reduce costs, improve th...
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