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How expand your business revenue when mobile search exceeds desktop?


There were plenty of assumptions concerning a tectonic shift in the Internet landscape. Mobile search was expected to overtake desktop queries some time in the nearest future. These suggestions got serious when in November 2014 the search giant Google took first measures to improve the way it delivers mobile-friendly search results to users. It created its own mobile friendly testing tool which would assess the site against a set of criteria. If the site wasn’t determined as mobile-friendly, Google sent its owners a warning where it hinted at the fact that the site can end up being demoted in mobile search results if nothing changes.

Now we see that mobile search top desktop. So it is high time businesses seriously considered embracing and solidifying mobile Web strategy. Let’s have a look on how businesses can take advantage of mobile search surpassing desktop one.

So as to create mobile versions of the website you can use the following technology solutions:

1. A separate mobile-specific site. This option provides the user with a completely separate mobile site.

2. Dynamically s...

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How SaaS Financial Apps assist companies to hedge their exposures?

It may sound Delphian but volatility is a permanent and indefeasible feature of modern economy and all its derivatives. Every minute and day huge corporations and small businesses bear losses connected with currency devaluations, fluctuations in commodity prices and interest rates. The only ones ...
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How Communication Apps Become Promotional Platforms for Brands that Bring Billion Revenue?

While some mobile app development companies were looking elsewhere, others focused their efforts on communication apps. Mobile apps for messaging and social communicating started to get a lot more interesting. Mobile app development has gone away from just offering a way to communicate and is off...
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8 Ways to Make Your Home Smart with Connected Censor Solutions

According to the survey released by the Consumer Electronics Association every fifth American home will buy no less than one smart device a year. This statistics is clear evidence that it won’t be too long before our homes take care of our safety and comfort due to innovative software developme...
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The latest trend - enterprise performance management systems

Software development has enabled many businesses to achieve high operational efficiency due to the newly developed software. Obviously, it is high time to manage this excellence. Enterprise performance management (EPM) is something new in software development. Gartner defines it as the process of...
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