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The million-dollar idea of a secure enterprise mobile app


Recent years have shown that the closer your business is to the customer, the more chance of success it has. This has become a primary reason for companies to turn to mobile app development for a new customer type who is “always on the move” and to make the shift from laptops to more portable smartphones and tablets.

The growing practice of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has also made adjustments in the work process. Thousands of mobile applications have resulted in a higher level of productivity and profitability, but at the same time posed a new challenge – a challenge to corporate and personal security and privacy.

The very idea for the employee to be able to use his own device at work is brilliant, but it cannot exist without the risk of malicious apps or malware that may transmit sensitive corporate data to those who may abuse it. While hackers may be working tirelessly to make your data vulnerable, so much is being done by the “good guys” to make your device and network as secure as possible. Surely, the person who will one day create a super impenetrable enterprise ap...

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Vietnam software outsourcing gaining momentum to become a Tiger on World IT Market

What best describes a "Tiger on the Market?" Strength, power, ferocity and intelligence – the traits that distinguish a true market leader.However it is not that simple when talking about the IT Market. A team of talented professionals with plenty of strength, power, ferocity, and intelligence ...
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How Retail CRM Makes Sales Automation Possible?

The customer is a king. Despite being an old stock phrase it does not lose its relevancy for the retail industry. Today, customers expect a unique and seamless buying experience like never before. According to the Central European Initiative survey, 86% of consumers will pay for a better customer...
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Corporate Apps: The Next Frontier of Office Software

People are accustomed to using applications in their everyday lives. No doubt, they want to take advantage of this functionality while at work. Therefore, nowadays it is impossible to imagine an enterprise that does not use corporate applications that help manage business aspects more efficiently...
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Why CRM Development Is Big Business in the Real Estate Industry

Some of the best marketing you can do is to take advantage of the customer relationships you already have. Having loyal customers and solid relationships with them are an essential condition for skyrocketing sales and leads. An enterprise software forecast from Gartner shows that customer relatio...
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