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Mobile healthcare applications that are in favor


No longer do we live in the era of Middle Ages with no access to medical assistance and healthcare. Neither do we aim to look like fat jelly-like women in the epoch of Renaissance. Recent years` mobile industry development has altered our vision and approach to healthcare by bell, book and candle.

Healthcare mobile apps have paved a new path towards tracking weight loss, diabetes, mood problems, sleep problems, asthma, and medication management everywhere and at any time. Now with only one touch hundreds of healthcare apps can provide us with instant solutions. Recent research and studies on the effect of usage of healthcare apps has shown that people with healthcare apps in their smartphones become more engaged in their disease problem–solving and show more progress than those who do not use such apps.

So, what are those apps that have span the mobile market and are in favor thanks to their great functionality?

1) Diet Tracker and Calorie Counter apps
With no doubt, diet tracker and calorie counter apps are placed at position number 1 among the most popular healthcare apps. They s...

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Fraud management: detection and prevention in banking industry

The banking industry all over the world is facing an acute problem of fraud cases detection and prevention. Financial service companies are worthful drives for sophisticated criminals due to the vast quantity of assets under management and several challenges relating to online customer identifica...
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Is it worth for Small Businesses Make An App?

Unfortunately, small business owners usually ignore mobile world in their activities. They either pinch pennies on such developments or are scared off by the very idea of creating a mobile application that may seem like a huge undertaking for which they are not enough technically qualified or exp...
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Mobility Trends in Financial Services

As traditional communication patterns in different spheres are becoming less relevant, mobile phones are becoming tools that are widely used for banking, payment and shopping. Mobile financial services are a new fast-evolving sector that has expanded its intermediary role between customers and re...
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Business and Productivity Apps

Apps have a tremendous effect on our lives. That is why apps have already become a huge industry that caters users’ needs. Business and productivity apps market is forecasted to reach $58 billion by 2016. Under these circumstances, it is vital to grasp an “untapped developer opportunity” fo...
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