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Business mobile app development trends in 2015


If a decade ago a mobile was simply a device to make calls from, it is no longer so. Like a volcanic eruption smartphones and mobile technologies broke out and reshaped everything we were accustomed to.

And if mobile app industry started from mobile apps for fun, infotainment and healthcare, we now observe their shift towards involvement into business processes. Mobile industry has undergone serious changes during the recent years and it is still in the process of constant evolution and growth. It has gone from serving a customer to serving a business. And it definitely brought tangible advantages for them both. So …Where does the mobile technology heads to? What are business mobile app development trends to dominate in 2015?

1. The amount of enterprise apps will grow

It is predicted by IDC that this year large enterprises will adopt the practice of supporting mobile platforms able to deploy and develop enterprise apps within their organizations.

It will let the policy of BYOD (bring your own device) work well for those business departments where tablets and smartphones are widely...

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Top 10 Content Marketing Tricks to Maximize Traffic

As the battlefield among software development companies and other businesses has shifted to the web space, the issue which does not leave us in peace even when we are asleep is posed as following: How to maximize traffic to my website?The website traffic is now the core prerequisite for company`s...
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What impact enterprise mobility has on service providers today?

Have you ever thought that we are living in an exceptional era? The way we live, communicate, work, buy, relax are experiencing exciting developments. Thus, we are entering a mobile world with its new ways how employees collaborate with each other, how customers interact with contractors and supp...
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How Maximize Visitor Engagement and Conversion On Your Site?

Sooner or later every owner of the site realizes that conversion rate is of the most meaningful indicator of online business effectiveness. Thus, conversion rate optimization along with the content marketing is the most important priority for online marketers nowadays as it ensures high sales vol...
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How mobile users will be magnetized in 2015 by brand monsters?

Mobile developments have always been a fierce highly competitive market and leveraging strategic technology trends would be the right thing if software developers want to keep their heads above water. The industry leaders as well as analysts have presented their findings about mobile developments...
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