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QR Code Mobile Marketing Ideas to Grow your Business


The last decade has been marked by incredibly fast and vast spread of smartphones and mobile technologies. According to Emarketer statistics data, more than one-third of all people around the globe will be smartphones users by 2017.

Moreover, more and more people get involved in usage of mobile technologies and become aware of advantages these mobile technologies can offer. Therefore, savvy incorporation of mobile technologies into marketing ideas can bring tangible benefits both to business owners and customers.

Among recent mobile technologies, one can definitely show favor for a Quick-Response Code or simply a QR Code, usage of which has quadrupled last year.
QR Codes Mobile Marketing Ideas are working. This is a fact. And this fact is definitely proved by examples of successful marketing campaigns based on usage of QR codes. Such global companies as Macy`s, JC Penny and Tesco have managed to become big retail chains not by expanding the number of stores, but by simply placing QR codes on posters in subway stations, train stations, sidewalks letting people order groceries on the ...

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How mobile technologies open new ways to explore different cultures and cities for tourists

No one would dispute around the fact that mobile technologies are conquering the world and empower people with new force and new possibilities.Nevertheless it may seem so desirable to leave your smartphone at home when you are on holiday, it can definitely provide you with new ways to explore dif...
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Mobile Device Evolution Requires More Apps for Auto Industry

Either you are an auto dealer looking for ways to improve your business, or a car owner thinking how to sell your old Toyota, or a driver-to-be searching for bargains, it’s time to seriously consider using one of mobile applications developed for the automotive industry. Of course if you are no...
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Data-driven Solutions for Healthcare Industry

Big data tools will radically speed the medical innovation process, deliver breakthrough discoveries and customized treatments. Hospitals, clinics and private practices have digitalized the data, creating massive databases. As a result, there are enormous information banks that still require mana...
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How Insurance Companies Harness Software Development Potential

The last tendencies in the world economic climate may pose a threat to insurance industry. Such challenges as slow GDP growth, low interest rates, decline in prices and intensified competition continue to test insurance companies many of which are coming off the beaten track and getting stagnant ...
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