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10 reasons why insurance companies need Mobile CRM



It goes without saying that nowadays customers demand more than just products and services. And insurers should strive to adjust to customer needs in a more comprehensive way to gain and, what is more important, to retain loyal customers and reach tangible results. That will involve significant improvements in service and sales, based on end-to-end assessment of clients, their expectations, values and priorities.

Another aspect insurers need to pay attention to is the way customers choose to communicate with their insurers, which depends on the activity they want to take on. For instance, online networks (Internet via Mobile or PC) are now the most popular source to compare policies and services, learn about the best rate/price, or access information.

According to the statistics many insurers are now laying their hopes on reaching an all-time high by supplying their customers with mobile capabilities and introducing mobile CRM to their business. While many insurance customers still prefer face-to-face communication, mobile insurance applications have become essential tool satisfying...

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50 Questions & Answers about CRM You Always Wanted to Know


CRM software is all the rage today. It is gaining great popularity among all businesses. If you are thinking about having a CRM solution in place as well, this article would be valuable to you. Below you can find answers to the most important questions about CRM software implementation, usage and...
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7 Reasons Why Transport Logistics Providers Want Their Own CRM


The nature of transportation and logistics sector has changed with the globalization and technological boom. Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) need effective tools to guide business processes, to track customers and transactions in a competitive manner, and implement new approach to customer rel...
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Custom CRM Software for Insurance Companies Works Better


The insurance industry landscape is becoming extremely complex. Faced with numerous economic constraints, insurance carriers are now actively shifting from product-centric to customer-centric thinking. What does this really mean? Insurance companies develop a thorough understanding of customer ne...
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Why Opt for Custom ERP Software


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a single integrated suite and a core system for medium-sized and large organizations allowing them to streamline all major business processes and operations. When implementing an ERP system, the issue that most frequently shows up is how to make the ...
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