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Top 10 traits of successful mobile app for real estate agents



A good real estate agent is a salesperson, an analyst, a marketer, a consultant, a businessman at the same time. To increase productivity and enhance real estate business, such a person should be equipped with the right tools. Nowadays these tools are mostly digital. They reduce costs, improve the agent’s agility and flexibility and thus result in a better profit.

So what makes a mobile app an exceptional user acquisition?

First of all, one of the most important traits of a successful app is that it frees up the time of a real estate agent and makes his work easier. For example, nowadays you only need a camera on your device to create a floor plan. You make a snapshot – and the app measures the rooms. Further on according to dimensions it builds a floor plan. No drawing or measuring is required anymore which lets real estate agents save their time and concentrate on business.

Another important trait a mobile app should possess is streamlining the data. There are apps that contain all the needed information on your clients. Customers input their contact information and later the a...

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Application lifecycle management


Today for an application to be successful there should be an organized development platform that enables control of an application lifecycle, simultaneously reduces the costs and provides continuous business solutions. Application lifecycle management – is supposed to be a strategic answer to a...
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8 characteristics of the next generation financial services websites


“We would have hired 2 top-notch developers rather than 7-8 mediocre developers.The fact is that the quality of the developer-pool in India (that most startups have access to) leaves a LOT to be desired. Folks may not admit this openly, but they will agree in private. The cost levels are low, b...
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12 slips you should avoid while selling mobile apps


The accessibility and thus a broad popularity of smartphones and tablets during the recent years has created a high-powered impetus for the emergence of an absolutely unbelievable demand for mobile applications of diverse kinds from a Zombie Game to a Mobile Banking app. Mobile application indust...
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What makes a good mobile game?


Today, the development of mobile is accelerated quickly and rapidly. New devices are built and introduced continuously, attracting a large portion of the World population to persuade mobile business. The need for mobile entertainment is on the rise. We can see so many people frequently use mobile...
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