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50 Questions & Answers about Mobile ERP



Mobile ERP systems today are taking on and win over more and more followers. The success of this phenomenon is attributable to its numerous benefits such as usability and accessibility, as well as its ability to enhance productivity and provide high-quality service. Nowadays mobile ERP solution is an indispensable tool for company’s prosperity and competitiveness and an integral part of its success. And below we provide questions and their answers that will help you to broaden your knowledge on mobile ERP and shed light on the phenomenon.

Q: What is ERP?
A: ERP (enterprise resource planning system) is business software that enables a company to use a complex of integrated applications in order to facilitate the managing of a business. ERP system involves manifold processes within an organization like sales, development, marketing, manufacturing, etc.

Q: What special benefits can mobile ERP system bring to a company?
A: Mobile ERP applications guarantee advanced service, heightened competitiveness, business relationships raised to a new height, easy access to the current data and...

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Mobile ERP helps manufacturers improve productivity


Any market today must adjust to customers with higher expectations. Not only customers require faster responses, but also employees and business owners demand more sophisticated procedures and more advanced implementation. It is far more important when business world has to face a challenging eco...
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10 reasons why insurance companies need Mobile CRM


It goes without saying that nowadays customers demand more than just products and services. And insurers should strive to adjust to customer needs in a more comprehensive way to gain and, what is more important, to retain loyal customers and reach tangible results. That will involve significant i...
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50 Questions & Answers about CRM You Always Wanted to Know


CRM software is all the rage today. It is gaining great popularity among all businesses. If you are thinking about having a CRM solution in place as well, this article would be valuable to you. Below you can find answers to the most important questions about CRM software implementation, usage and...
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7 Reasons Why Transport Logistics Providers Want Their Own CRM


The nature of transportation and logistics sector has changed with the globalization and technological boom. Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) need effective tools to guide business processes, to track customers and transactions in a competitive manner, and implement new approach to customer rel...
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