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The fight of mobile messaging titans - Skype, WhatsApp, Viber



When a few years ago the professional community started discussing a new trend of the "global mobilization", scarcely anyone believed that it would have become so penetrating in a relatively short time. However, according to the Global Digital Statistics dated January, 2014 there are 6,572,950,124 mobile users (as a result, the penetration rate is 93%).

Indeed, thinking of the typical person of these days one can hardly imagine the latter without a mobile device. What’s more, one can hardly imagine modern people not texting or talking on their Smartphones right at the moment.

We go mobile for playing games, reading the latest news, listening to music and certainly for socializing with our relatives, friends and colleagues. Here it is where mobile apps of various types appear to satisfy our needs. Obviously, the most popular among them are the ones that help us keep in touch with people. Among the apps that exercise this function very well we find mobile messaging giants Skype, WhatsApp and Viber.

Nobody will dispute that all the three messaging apps have succeeded in providing u...

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How to develop your own software


There’s always a stage in a company’s existence when the necessity of implementing an information technology system which supports all the processes (management, workflow, production) becomes inevitable. Managers in many companies come to the conclusion that developing their own software will...
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How User Interface is critical for your software product success?


There is no doubt that IT-sphere represents a highly competitive market. Thus, today it is not enough to have just a creative idea. As well as it is not enough to have simply means and ambitions to start the development of a completely new software product that is likely to change something aroun...
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How to Build a Great Software Product


Everything starts with an Idea. It’s the ideas that push us forward and give way to our potential and talent. Good ideas can change the world around us or at least give a start to an outstanding software product. But the question is “Where can we draw our inspiration from to come up with the ...
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12 essential points in software product development


Nowadays software technologies are used in practically any kind of company or organization all over the world. In the article it will be described the complete process of creating and modifying various software systems, from initial design concept to post-release maintenance and support.1. Requir...
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