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Old SEO tricks vs modern optimization trends


The world of web technologies has undergone serious changes during the recent years from one side simplifying the life of users and from the other side making it harder for web developers. And those who previously assumed that they can create a trivial web product with poor functionality and it will be chosen have been a washed far backwards by the high-quality competition wave. Everything has become more complicated – more complicated to gain the spoiled sated target audience, more complicated to attract attention… But what still works in the issue of gaining visitors and attracting attention to your web product is definitely SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO used to be and still remains the best leverage for raising your business to the top at the search results either at Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other.

Why SEO is so important? Because the success of the business is now measured by the amount of site visitors and what is more by the quantity of retwits and likes in different social networks. Business has moved on to another plane – web plane and so you need to move th...

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What travel apps can be interesting to tourists?

Mobile trends for tourism and travel has already gone through massive transformational changes taking into account fast growth of mobile technologies all over the world. The smartphone has become the unique travel companion giving tourists access to their money, photos, travel guides, maps, socia...
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7 ways how reduce software development costs

Once you think of reducing costs for something, the very first idea that may pop into your head is do-it-yourself strategy, but it is unreachable if attributed to software development. It is hard to imagine a modern company that doesn't use software. So the necessity for software development and ...
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Mobile App dilemma: what to choose Native or Hybrid development?

Need to improve your business? - Catch possibilities, grab customers` attention – that`s what business gurus tell us at their trainings. But how to grab the attention of those whose attention is already stolen by the most absorbing thing of the 21st century – the Gadget? Easily, but only if y...
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With iOS 8 mobile operating system iPhone and iPad app development became less cumbersome

“Atrocious”. That is the epithet developers used to describe beta testing of iPhone and iPad apps. Due to new iOS 8 mobile operating features, the “atrocious” epithets will be finally changed to something more euphonic. This day has come and Apple has done it: iOS mobile app development h...
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