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App Developer

Elinext Group – App Developer with Rich Experience

Finding an appropriate application developer could cost a lot of time and strengths. As the number of smartphones and tablets in use expands, the expertise of an app developer may vary from project to project and from device to device. Therefore, to be sure that your task can be completed as promised, it is critical to choose a competent and trustworthy application developer from the very beginning.

Elinext Group is a unique hub of IT experts. We offer professional mobile application development services for businesses and individuals across the globe. At the core of every successful solution delivered by Elinext Group are talents, experience and strong commitment of our software engineers.

App Developers at Elinext Group

A typical app developer at Elinext Group is a professional software engineer with at least 3 years of progressive work experience. He is in the know of the best practices and recent trends in mobile application development.

Moreover, our employees have a good command of the English language and master it on the ongoing basis. To become an app developer at Elinext Group, every candidate undergoes strict selection procedures and quarterly performance reviews. Such an approach allows us to provide outstanding value for our customers.

Variety of Applications

Elinext Group’s proven expertise in software, web and mobile development covers a wide area of technologies. This gives us credentials to create high-quality custom applications intended for various uses:
  • Mobile Applications, including iPhone Apps, iPad Apps, Android Apps, BlackBerry Apps, Windows Phone Apps
  • Web Applications
  • TV Applications
  • Server Applications
  • Client-Side Applications
  • Cloud Computing and SaaS Applications

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